We treat your pets like family.

Our lab at Evans Family Pet Care in Marshall MN, offers well pet screening tests such heartworm and tick-borne disease screening, parasite screening, as well as blood and urine screening tests to check the health of your pet's internal organ functions. 

Should your pet become ill our in-house lab can help us get the answers we need to start effective treatments right away. Our goal is to get your pet feeling back to the happy, healthy, family member they are as quickly as possible. 

We also utilize our laboratory for our surgery patients. At Evans Family Pet Care each of our surgical patients receives comprehensive bloodwork before surgery. These pre-surgical tests help us deliver anesthesia to your pet in the safest way possible. 

For most tests our lab can have results in about 30 minutes. Should your pet need more specialized lab tests, we also have relationships with several outside veterinary laboratories.