Looking for something to exercise your dog's mind and reduce boredom and destructive behavior? 

Try out The  Dog Casino or The Dog Tornado!

We do carry these in our clinic so stop by today and pick one up today!

Trying to clean your pets ears can be intimidating. But regular ear care is important for your pets ear health. Click on the button below to watch the demonstration videos on how to clean your pets ears.

Muzzle Training

Feline Resources

"Any sudden changes in behavior can be indicative of medical issues. If your pet has an abrupt behavorial change, please call the clinic to rule out medical causes."

Dog training K9 of mine 

How To Clean Your Pet's Ears

Check out Dr. Sophia Yin, Dr. Evan suggest her to everyone! On this website you will find so many videos for any type of training or knowledge you may be looking for!

Nail Board Training: An Alternative to Clipping Nails 

 Dog behavior free online courses by a reputable behaviorist (Dr. Ian Dunbar)

Need some help with muzzle training? Look no further! Check out the Muzzle Up! Project. They have all the dos and don'ts on how to muzzle train your furry companion. 

The City of Marshall now offers pet licenses free with a current, valid rabies vaccination certificate. You can upload your certificate and apply for your pet's license.

Learning Dog Behavior

Dr. Sophia Yin

City of Marshall

Indoor Hunting Feeder

We do have them in the clinic!